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Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year's Eve & friends...

     I just got hooked up to skype a few days ago & have been able to find a couple of long lost friends whose info was on Facebook.  My niece was just hooked up to high speed via satellite and we were our 'firsts' for skyping.  We look forward to reaching other family members and friends, both locally & from out-of-state.
     We look forward to watching our niece and grand-niece grow up, as we all missed each other in previous years due to living so far apart.
     Thanks to the prompting of my niece, we recently spent part of New Year's Eve together here in Ludington, & we were all impressed with the Ball Drop & following fireworks.

  Included will be a couple of pics, utilizing my less expensive digital camera, as my Digi Rebel is in need of repair.  I hope to have it fixed before my birthday crop on the 29th.   

Friday, January 7, 2011

Digging out from under the fresh, beautiful snow.....

     We started receiving fresh, fluffy, beautiful snow a few days ago, and may continue to receive it for the next several days!  Finally!  Our son and my 'snow dog' Dakota are enjoying it's fun while I'm enjoying the beauty and potential 'snowdays'.....more opportunites for movie nights after making 'no-bake' cookies.  Fun & chocolate...what more is there?  Of course, scrapbooking!