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Monday, November 9, 2015

My Health & Wellness Journey

      I seem to have fit the typical biographic of the millions of us who suffer and struggle against Fibromyalgia.  I was diagnosed in 1994, at the age of 30.  Looking back, I had symptoms many years earlier, at least back in the mid to late 1980s. 
     My symptoms were aggrevated by my labor intensive job as a Fisheries Management Technician, both while conducting Fisheries Population Research at Kellogg Biological Station in the '80s, and most severely when I began my last job with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources in 1993. 
      I was originally diagnosed by my personal physician as having Lupus, based upon my negative bloodwork for Arthritis, and my family history:  our father was being treated for Lupus, as well as a maternal aunt. He had never had a patient with Fibromyalgia (that he knew of) at that time, and Lupus was the diagnosis that 'fit' my symptoms and bloodwork he had done.   I told my physician that I hoped he wasn't offended, but I was going to schedule an appointment with my father's Rheumatologist.
     My father's Rheumatologist performed many of the same tests which my family physician had done, plus additional tests, most memorable being the Trigger Point test.  I literally jumped off the examining table several times and was totally shocked by my body's response and this new exam.  Several minutes later he returned with the blood work results and told me "You don't have Lupus. You have Fibromyalgia." I immediately asked "What's THAT?" and he handed me several brochures by the American Arthritis Association etal.
     Several prescription attempts and changes over a period of approximately a year to a year and a half later (because the meds and/or original doses caused nausea throughout the day, or increased grogginess/exhaustion to the point of my fighting not to fall asleep at the wheel) and I finally found some consistent relief with a pain med and muscle relaxant, which used together at night, allow me to get to sleep in a more reasonable time period (not HOURS of tossing and turning to find a comfortable position long enough to get to sleep), and being able to STAY asleep for longer than 1 to 1 1/2 hours at a time before waking due to pain and starting the whole cycle again.
     NOW TO MY RECENT PAIN RELIEF & OTHER BENEFITS I've experienced since 'accidentally' discovering the 90ForLife products which have gotten me to where I am today.  On April 13th, 2015 I was on the phone with Kade Bearnson, son of Lisa Bearnson, to sign up as a CEO for Anthology when he told me about the wonderful 90ForLife products that he, Lisa and his other family members have been using.  After our discussion I immediately went to the Youngevity website and began reading about the products that his family and so many others have utilized, found relief from many medical conditions, and/or simply feel SO much better and are experiencing life to the fullest since using these products.
  My first order of supplements was the HEALTHY BODY START PAK, available here:
  My second order, on May 15th was the HEALTHY BODY WEIGHT LOSS PAK, which has the same 3 core products (Osteo fx, BTT, and EFA), but also contains ASAP (As Slim As Possible), which allows our bodies to burn the adipose (abdomenal body fat) tissue as a source of energy. It does NOT give me the sweats or make me shaky like the otc weight loss supplement that I tried in the past.  Again, I have not used asap perfectly, to the point that I still have one dose left, and the items are generally packaged in 30 day doses. (It took me 3 months to use my first bottle.)
May 16, 2015 at Crop For A Cure

August 26, 2015 Same locatiot & clothes, now very baggy!
August 29, 2015  Decided to try on my 'skinny jeans'... they fit!
     I have continued using the core 3 products, only ordering items that need to be replenished.  Since my hubby ordered the HEALTHY START CEO MEGA PACK, which includes enough product that the Osteo alone will last me 3 months, we just order whatever else we want to try, or restock Wesley's "kidz (Watermelon) Sprinklz", the vitamin supplement he now takes daily, and the Rebound fx which he drinks during and after his soccer games.  it is similar to other 'sports' drinks, but is LOADED with vitamins and minerals, and is better for us than the typical sports/energy drinks on store shelves.
    I had already noticed a decrease in my everyday (burning) Fibromyalgia pain across my shoulders and up my neck , so I took my Lyrica on the morning of July 1st, and didn't take another until July 4th, which was my LAST LYRICA (just 10 WEEKS after beginning to take my supplements)!  I feel better now than I did before I began taking it!  I've been on it for approximately 9 years! I considered offering my remaining 14+ day supply to someone, but ultimately FLUSHED it down the toilet!!!
     And for any doubting Thomases out there, I would gladly show you printouts of my prescriptions filled for the past 2 years.... just sayin'.
     After convention in September, I am going to start weaning myself off from my evening pain med and muscle relaxant, one at a time, to see if and which one, or both, I can stop taking!
Sept. 20, 2015  24 lbs lighter than I was in the May photo!
October 4, 2015
      Update:  It is now October 2nd, and I have lost 20+ pounds, with approximately half of that being lost BEFORE I stopped taking my Lyrica!  Taking all three of my core products (Beyond Tangy Tangerine aka BTT, Osteo fx, and Essential Fatty Acids aka EFAs) each morning has had a cascading effect over time, with me not feeling hungry for several hours, greatly reducing my sweet tooth, and continuing to increase my energy while decreasing my pain. 
     I do not expect for the numbers on the scale to decrease as quickly in the future, since I am attempting to rebuild much of the muscle tone that I have lost over the past 15+ years, and muscle tissue weighs more than fatty tissue.  That number on the scale is also not my most important factor to consider in the future, as I will continue to pay attention to  1) how I FEEL  and 2) how I look over time.
October 24, 2014  Size 4/6 skinny jeans & size small Team Lisa shirt!

     My most recent version of Tangy Tangerine is the ULTIMATE Tangy Tangerine, one of the products in what is called the Pig Pak, which Doctor Wallach suggests for anyone suffering with Fibromyalgia (aka "Stiff Lamb Disease" in domestic farm animals).  He has found that we are lacking in Selenium, Manganese and Magnesium (in some specific forms, so if interested please search on youtube or the Dead Doctors Don't Lie cds for Fibromyalgia/Stiff Lamb Disease).  I have not ordered the complete Pig Pak yet because I have plenty of Osteo fx and EFAs to tide me over for a few more weeks.
     Feel free to ask me anything.  If I have not used a specific product, or cannot answer your questions, I wil find out who DOES know, or knows where to find the information.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Mixing and matching my Anthology kits

     I love to mix and match kits and the Anthology by Lisa Bearnson line makes it so easy for me. Coordinating colors and coordinating products, such as the stamp sets that coordinate back to layout kits,  allow me to extend the number of projects I am able to create without searching through my stash for other products.
 The layout above is one of the pages that I created using elements from the Lemon Squeezy Pocket Card kit and the Rosey Posey Collection kit.  Both contain 'cards' of various sizes, with coordinating colors.  The "Me" and "You" are letter stickers from one of the kits, while the "&" is a diecut element from another kit.  Because I was not on this trip with my husband and son, I would like them to fill in the details and their favorite memories from each day and want to be sure to make this easy and fun for them.

Most elements on this 2-page spread are from the "Better Together" Pocket Card kit, but again, I was able to add a few pieces from the other two kits as necessary, coordinating with the colors and topics of my photos which were taken over a span of several years. 

Do YOU like to mix and match kits, collections or brands/product lines?  I'd love to hear from you!  Have a wonderful week!SCRAP ON!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I completed more than 12 pages during the local "play date", utilizing the Anthology CEO Layout kit & August Layout kit.

Free Spirit, Joyful Play (Using the "Take Time To Play" kit), Hooray, & You Are Beautiful layouts are all from the Anthology CEO Layout kit.
I completed this layout at home after reprinting a photo to the size I wanted.

     The following layouts were creating using the August Layout kit.  

I forgot my journaling block on this while working on it at the crop (socializing can do that sometimes lol), so I simply mounted it onto a piece of cardstock and added elements from the kit that I had not used yet.

Layouts that I did not complete during that time (we DID socialize a bit lol) I easily completed at home. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I created a LOT of layouts during a local 'play date' with my crafty friends!

I took my Anthology products to a local crop hosted by scrappy friends about 10 days ago. The layout above was one of my first ANTHOLOGY projects which I completed a few weeks ago, and along with the layouts below, make up the AUGUST LAYOUT KIT.  The following layouts were created during the crafting play date.  They are all available here:             
  Each kit comes with a 'Recipe Card', to guide us to completing a beautiful project, and tips that help us complete them (as Lisa says) "whether we have NO time, SOME time or CREATIVE time" to scrapbook.  Here are the AUGUST Layout Kit Recipe Cards: 
     This kit contains all the materials necessary to create EIGHT 2-page layouts, or 16 individual pages.  Our kits even include foam adhesive squares for giving your elements a pop of dimension.
I often want to use more photos, photos of differing orientations, or larger photos than those in the Recipe Cards.  I made this Family Time layout a focus on the fall play & chores that Wesley has taken part of over many, many years. As soon as I looked at the layout kit I knew I wanted to create something that involved our fall colors.  I love creating layouts or mini albums that show progression, growth, and evolution of our family members.
When I was in high school, I adopted the Halloween option of dressing as members of KISS, partly due to the fact that the makeup was fairly simple and easy to recreate. I think I adopted the idea from my brother, seen here.
While trying to decide which event, time or people to document with the Simple & Happy Days, I remembered photos of our family members and friends working with the Gladiolas we used to grow and sell.  Unfortunately, I was unable to find some specific photos I was excited to use with this kit, but was able to once again document things that I have done with my brother.
     Our funny, goofy, adorable son, now nearly 12 years old, has provided me with TREMENDOUS numbers of photo opportunities over the years!  These photos make me laugh and/or just plain smile and appreciate him all the more.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Scrapbooking CELEBRITIES, national CELEBRITIES, & Youngevity CELEBRITIES... oh MY!

     Lisa Bearnson, founding editor of Creating Keepsakes magazine, launched her own brand this summer!  She joined the Youngevity 'family' of brands because of the standards and ideals of the company, and because this affiliation creates wonderful opportunities for so many others.

     Wendy McGee, our Team Lisa Trainer, came into Youngevity when it acquired Heritage Makers, a digital scrapbooking line. This amazing lady does SO much for Team Lisa, and we cannot thank her enough!  It seems like she has doubled the 24 hours in a day.

     Actress, producer & author, Marilu Henner, is one of many nationally known celebritities who are Youngevity Ambassadors.  She shared the story of losing her father & mother to health issues which many Youngevity distributors have survived.  Like me, she wishes she had known about the amazing Youngevity products which would have greatly improved our parents' and other family members' health.  Her story:

     Drew Pearson, former Dallas Cowboy, continues to maintain his high standard of health, to the point that people stop him in the airport and say "Good luck on your game on Sunday!"  In Drew's own words, "They still think I'm PLAYING!"  BTW, he's in his SIXTIES!

     Theo Ratliff, NBA star, has endorsed Rebound fx, a nutrient-rich sports and energy drink, which our son drinks during and after each soccer game.  It is SO much healthier for us than leading sports and energy drinks, such as Gatorade. Go ahead and read the labels!

     Now back to the man who STARTED all of this, Doctor Joel Wallach.    This summer he received a Lifetime Achievement award during the Global Official of Dignity Awards in New York

     Family and friends, please look into what Doctor Wallach's products can do for YOUR health and wellness.   Feel free to ask me ANYTHING about which products I've been using, which have allowed me to stop taking my daily Lyrica, as well as losing 20+ lbs this summer!!!  You can read my story (under the FILES tab) here:  

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Getting my scrapbooking groove on with Anthology products!

     I've returned from my first Summit, and met SO many wonderful people and heard SO many stories of LIFE-CHANGING health results.... now it's time to play with scrapbooking goodies again, as I document some of the wonderful experiences OUR family has had as a result of my Youngevity Distributorship.
     One of the first goals I had set for myself was to be able to buy a larger dirt bike, a golf cart, or similar item for Wesley, to help keep him entertained this summer.  I mentioned this to a family member during the graduation party of our niece,  & they said "We have one for sale!"
     I cannot believe that I managed to keep it a secret from Wesley.  Michael had no problem, but I was so excited that we were able to do this for him, and that MY income paid for it!
      He has enjoyed his time buzzing around the house this summer and into fall, and I can now do more 'My new ride' layouts for him!  I also have enough photos of his various 'rides' through the years that I can easily do a THEN & NOW or THROUGH THE YEARS layout or mini album.  I cannot wait to see what we can purchase for him within the next year or two!
     If YOU would like to join me in this wonderful adventure, simply go to and click JOIN in the upper right corner of the page, or visit me at, and I'd be glad to get you started.  It only takes a few minutes to get YOUR FREE company replicated & maintained site started.

More memories from my trip to Summit in Charlotte, North Carolina

     I not only got to meet Lisa Bearnson, after speaking with her on the phone a few times, and having a live webinar with her a while ago, but I also met our Team Lisa Trainer, Wendy McGee and SO many other amazing people during my trip to Summit.
     I was lucky enough to be able to room with Carol Parker & Jana Darrington, two Team Lisa members, plus Julie Zwart, an amazing woman who has inspired so many of us by sharing her health story on our Wellness Warriorz pages.
Carol, Wendy & I during the Memory Keeping Event
  Yet another sweet new friend, Elaine G. Urban, during the Memory Keeping Event.
                 I LOVE Elaine's Heritage Makers bags, especially the smaller one!  They may be discontinuing them, so if you would like one, order quickly!   
      Simply go to then go to PHOTO GIFTS,
and look for the BITTY BRAG BAG.  We also have FREE PHOTO STORAGE on our Heritage Makers website.  Get yours by creating an account, then look for PHOTO STORAGE on your 'my account' page.
 Carol Parker & Jana Darrington, during our Rank Recognitions

Lunch with several new Youngevity friends, in the Meridian's restaurant.
Sanjeev Javia, Coach of the Healthy Body Challenge, paid us a surprise visit during lunch.  Easy on the eyes, isn't he!

Myself with Julie Zwart & Jana Darrington
     If YOU would like to go to these events and work with so many amazing people, simply go to and click JOIN in the upper right corner of the page!  I have a LOT more to share with you.