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Monday, October 5, 2015

Scrapbooking CELEBRITIES, national CELEBRITIES, & Youngevity CELEBRITIES... oh MY!

     Lisa Bearnson, founding editor of Creating Keepsakes magazine, launched her own brand this summer!  She joined the Youngevity 'family' of brands because of the standards and ideals of the company, and because this affiliation creates wonderful opportunities for so many others.

     Wendy McGee, our Team Lisa Trainer, came into Youngevity when it acquired Heritage Makers, a digital scrapbooking line. This amazing lady does SO much for Team Lisa, and we cannot thank her enough!  It seems like she has doubled the 24 hours in a day.

     Actress, producer & author, Marilu Henner, is one of many nationally known celebritities who are Youngevity Ambassadors.  She shared the story of losing her father & mother to health issues which many Youngevity distributors have survived.  Like me, she wishes she had known about the amazing Youngevity products which would have greatly improved our parents' and other family members' health.  Her story:

     Drew Pearson, former Dallas Cowboy, continues to maintain his high standard of health, to the point that people stop him in the airport and say "Good luck on your game on Sunday!"  In Drew's own words, "They still think I'm PLAYING!"  BTW, he's in his SIXTIES!

     Theo Ratliff, NBA star, has endorsed Rebound fx, a nutrient-rich sports and energy drink, which our son drinks during and after each soccer game.  It is SO much healthier for us than leading sports and energy drinks, such as Gatorade. Go ahead and read the labels!

     Now back to the man who STARTED all of this, Doctor Joel Wallach.    This summer he received a Lifetime Achievement award during the Global Official of Dignity Awards in New York

     Family and friends, please look into what Doctor Wallach's products can do for YOUR health and wellness.   Feel free to ask me ANYTHING about which products I've been using, which have allowed me to stop taking my daily Lyrica, as well as losing 20+ lbs this summer!!!  You can read my story (under the FILES tab) here:  

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