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Friday, August 2, 2013

Studio floor progress

     I was finally able to begin painting my studio floor Wednesday night.  I had to wait for Michael to add more nails to the joints of the 2x4' pieces, as some joints were pulling apart.  Any further divisions will just have to be lived with.  So it was 8:30 pm before I actually started painting/white washing my floor with water-based gray paint.  Rather than using a white over the top of this gray, the second layer will be a much lighter gray.  If I still think I want it to be even lighter, then there will be a 3rd coat of white washing.  It is taking me 2 - 2 1/2 hrs to do each row of panels.... wow.  I knew it would be time consuming, but not THIS time consuming.  I had guessed that it would take me 2-4 days to paint my floors, plus dry time for the total floor before being able to walk or move furniture in.  The paint I am using is porch/floor paint, and the can says I shouldn't put furniture on it for an entire week!!!!!!!!
     OK, Dale, remember.... it will all be worth it.  You are saving $600- 2400 by doing this rather than installing laminate or vinyl plank flooring on top..... PATIENCE IS A VIRTUAL (which I lack lol).