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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Digging out AGAIN!

  I tried to upload pics last night but my pc was giving me problems...let's try this again.

 Michael had blown out the snow in front of the garage before leaving for work, but this had blown back in so Wesley & Dakota had LOTS of snow to play in today!  It was above my knee high boots (& Michaels, which Wesley tried wearing outside even though I told him to get totally dressed in his snow pants, etc...).

   Dakota plowed her way from the front porch...she LOVES it!

 This is the "Stream" sign behind our mailbox.....what's still visible that is.

 Michael and a few others plowed through with 4x4s...the county plowed one path at 3:15 pm......surprisingly.

 Dakota's favorite outdoor spot:  Queen of the (snow) mountain.
 I pulled Wesley down this small hill in his one-person sled....he caught air!
School was closed again today, not surprisingly, but I think they might be open tomorrow........we'll see.  Either way, Dakota's still a happy girl.

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