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Monday, April 18, 2011

It's been a while....& the recent loss of a loved one:::

  It's been a month since I sat down to blog... a lot has happened, including but not limited to: a happy surprise purchase for our son, WAY TOO MUCH SNOW AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN, and the loss of a loved one.
  In order of occurrence, after us getting the idea to buy a quad or something for our son, my hubby changed it to a dirt bike, and a brand new one...his first NEW RIDE (not a pass-me-up or -down)!
  After having 80 degree weather a couple of weeks ago, we have received SNOW 3 times, some of it a nasty, miserable, and dangerous mix with ice.  This week we are still having temps dipping down to 28, and highs in the 40s....very rough on all of us with Arthritic conditions or Fibromyalgia!
  We found out late Friday night that my Uncle Walt was in the hospital, given 7-10 days life expectancy due to his cancer, which I didn't know about!  We were planning to go down to see him on Sunday if I felt better (being totally miserable on Saturday due to the weather), but Sunday morning we received the disappointing call that he had already passed away late Saturday night, just 24 hours after we found out about his condition:(
  I will be going to the visitation on Wednesday, weather permitting, as I found out this afternoon that we are expected to get an ice storm late Tuesday night and into Wednesday....things just aren't working out for me on that situation.  If I'm able to go, my stepmom will be travelling with me, as we are the only onces from our immediate family to be available to go due to work schedules, etc.
  So far I have been on the phone or email most of the day, re-notifying our family members of the current status of everything for Uncle Walt's funeral: ordering flowers, picking up Ruth, etc.
  Hopefully I will get a chance to post some pics of Wesley's bike and layouts.   
  Gentle (Fibro) hugs to everyone....stay warm & dry!

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