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Monday, January 30, 2012

Christmas 2011 Favorites

           A few of our favorites from this past Christmas, as part of my    
attempt to catch up...
           Note the CHOCOLATE FACE already in existence!
               Remote Cranky the Crane demos...
                PS2 game from Aunt Annetta & Uncle Leon...he LOVES this!

                   Mom did the HAPPY DANCE when she started opening this...entertaining!

              Dad asked for an r/c helicopter...he got 2!  For play dates haha
Spread the love.....

                        was Harry Potter.
                               Awesome CROSSING track!
Yes, I chose these too.
Christmas Dinner...thanks Dad!

 Dad's big day-after-Christmas purchase.  The snowglobe Wesley's had his eye on.
           I still haven't mastered the photo placement with this program, but I'll keep working on it, plus talk to Dawn Bourgette, who got me started in this!

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