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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


   We were given our FIRST SNEAK PEEKS yesterday, and LISA shared A LOT MORE today during our MEMORY KEEPING CALL/WEBINAR, which you can watch by following the link below: 

      TODAY'S call ARCHIVED at:

Kit tease....


      My little heart is getting a work out this week, with all the EXCITEMENT about the upcoming LAUNCH!!!!!!  Be sure to join my ANTHOLOGY FB page:  

And also put your name down for interest in PRODUCT updates, by going to the FILES tab on that page, then into DOCUMENTS to add your name to the various lists (FOLLOWING ALBUMS 2015, FOLLOWING SCRAPBOOK KITS 2015, FOLLOWING CARD KITS, etc.).
       Email me at or call me at 231-845-2906 and ask me how YOU can have your own FREE company replicated STORE, which is active within 24-48 hours of your signing up as a $25 Distributor or CEO of your own business!

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