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Monday, June 3, 2013

We're installing an egress window after all!

     I had been asking for an egress window for a couple of months now, originally enticed by the idea after we began seriously discussing a complete reno of my basement studio space.  Originally the hubby did not like the idea (I'm assuming because of cost), but the very day I had completed cutting the foam insulation for the only original window we are keeping in that area, he told me 'you might want to stop'.  ARGHHHH!  Another case of his 'thinking' without 'sharing' the ideas/thoughts!
     He even went so far as suggest that I consider installing a SLIDING GLASS DOOR instead of only a window, due to the cost of a 'custom' window that was 36" by (up to) 60", compared to the price of a slider.  After researching the options online through our local big box stores, Home Depot and Lowe's, this idea became awfully appealing, but then I thought "What about STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY of the foundation if installing such a large piece of glass?"..... My concern was correct.  We are NOT going to go that way due to the fact that work would have to be done that includes the work of  PROFESSIONAL MASON.  Our pockets aren't that deep.
     Unfortunately, in order to get the version with grills (window pane dividers), I would have to special order it and pay DOUBLE or more of the price without grills..... So we came home with my 36"x60" double hung window (in stock, no special or custom order required).   This is larger than what is required  if we were to ever have a bedroom in this space, so we are covered in that area.  We are looking for as much NATURAL LIGHT as possible but energy efficiency as well, since the whole reason behind this reno is to keep it WARM down there!
As is routine for the past year or so, Wesley is more involved with our family projects both in & out of the home...  Note that Michael was able to place the new window just to the west of the large rambling roses and yet we don't have to disturb the climbing roses that are a hair further to the west.  Awesome!  BTW This is going to be a GARDEN EGRESS WINDOW!!!!!

Proof that Wesley helped with the carpentry prep work!

A fine, red line outlines the size and location of the new egress window!   Can you say 'window seat' anyone???

     One large hole and a little carpentry work later, this is where we stand.  HOPEFULLY  we can install the egress opening's framework OR cut the block and install the window tonight.  This all depends upon whether we need to enlarge the hole for ease of access for cutting the block, Michael's back, etc....  Wish us well!

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