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Friday, February 7, 2014

My 50th birthday dinner, and a few more pages completed in my 1st Christmas mini....

My mother, Opal Leonia Loehr-Gleason, myself, and my brother Robert, January 1964.

    Unlike last year's birthday, Michael remembered this year... and bought me a dozen of lavender roses! 
     YEY!  At last, after a couple of weeks trying to load photos and posts.  I had to use Mozilla instead of Internet Explorer... enjoy my purple roses!

     Michael told me that we could eat anywhere I wanted, including driving to Muskegon.  Rather than spend all that time and MONEY on gas to get there, or pay someone to make a less expensive meal, I asked if we could go to Meijer and buy whatever each of us wanted to eat.  Wesley asked for "bacon!"  I told him that he would have to eat something else with it though... Michael chose a steak and I chose 2 lobster tails.  YUM!
    I told Wesley he had to take a 'try it/no thank you' bite of my lobster, with and without the butter.  He didn't really care for it plain, but dipped in butter.... he LOVED it!

  Now that I found a way to add photos after so long, I am off to edit more of my older drafts and get them posted!

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