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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Revisiting a favorite project...

Baby Girl/Gleason Girls albums.....

   I was SO excited when I heard that not only one, but TWO baby girls were going to join our family back in 2012!  I have a son and the boys outnumber girls 2 to 1 in our family.  I created multiple copies (so far NINE!) of the baby girl albums, customizing each one to the colors that the parents used in their nurseries, and my favorite colors in my own copy.  They are over a year old now and I am finishing albums to send to each family.  My copy is much larger, including both new girls as well as myself, and an additional version contains Gleason girls from several generations.
  I used a LOT of 3 Birds scrapbooking and paper crafting products, with some generic craft supplies, such as feather and lace added, most of which were purchased at Wal-Mart.
   Below you will find some of my favorite pages, both with and without photos.  

I began 'getting inky" this past year.  The pages in these albums (I'm giving out several versions to the mothers, etc) are personalized to match or at least coordinate with the colors of the girls' nurseries.  Both nieces' rooms contained pink and green, but one had an animal theme, hence some browns, and the other had a Pooh theme, with some yellows.

This photo shows the vellum page that matches the right side, folded over to our left.  That's why the doily page below it looks blurry.  

Photo credit: Jennifer Gould


 Some of the pages are much more simple, at least for the time being.  as I add more photos I'm sure I will not be able to stop myself from adding more layers and bling! lol  I also added several products for journaling, decorative items, etc...

I'm off to continue updating other drafts... SCRAP ON!


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