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Monday, March 2, 2015

My best buddy is a.... Mala-Shee-Usky mix?

     Some recent photos of my beloved Dakota, who we believe will be 9 years old this year.  We adopted her 6 years ago ( I can't believe it's been that long!), from our County Animal Control Office.  She was listed as a husky, but as soon as I saw her, even in her thin condition, I knew she was much too large framed to even be a MALE husky.  She is approximately 6 feet long when she stretches out, and currently weighs 96 pounds.  I would like to get her weight down between 80-90 pounds, as I think she looked her healthiest weight at that time.

                          Christmas morning 2013, enjoying her favorite thing...fresh snow!
     Wesley must compete with Dakota for a spot in mom's chair, and on this day, he lost out.  Yes, he managed to sneak in, but only by squeezing himself UNDERNEATH her!  I bought this chair-and-a-half when Wesley was only a few months old, and at that time, both he and I were much smaller.  Eleven years later, add a multicoated "puppy" and it's overflowing.
    Ever since seeing ads about DNA tests for your dog, I have wanted to follow up on that idea.  I never had one done on my previous husky mix, and greatly regret it, as it may have prevented some behavioral issues I had with Orca.  As my birthday gift to myself this year, I finally completed one for Dakota.
     As she gained weight and her beautiful coat filled out about a year after her adoption, my husband began saying that he thought she looked like a collie, due to her 'cowl neck' fur that appeared.  A few years later, others had also mentioned that.  Due to her large skeletal structure, coloration, tail display, and personality, I thought she was a Malusky (Malamute-Husky).  When people commented about her size or beautiful coat and personality, I began telling people we thought she was a Mal-Ollie (Malamute Collie).
    So...the results?  Three generations on one side are Alaskan Malamute-Mix, and the other parentage is 3 generations of..... OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG-HUSKY!  WHAT?????
                                                     Malamute Husky mix sample photo
                                        Old English Sheepdog Husky mix sample photo

      Some people ask why I bothered to spend the money & time to run her DNA samples.... So I and our vets now have a much better idea of what to expect in regards to her possible health issues and behavior/personality.  
     I love my Mala-Shee-Usky mix!

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  1. she's beautiful! that makes a lot of sense for you to find out as much info about your best friend dog companion as you can. you want to know her better. it can help you & help her. :)


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