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Friday, May 29, 2015

Focus Friday

    Another little 'something new' for me to try... today I'd like to focus on the CONTINUED GROWTH of Youngevity, as it acquires more and more companies, allowing us to easily find, buy, and use over 2,500 products!
     I was told earlier this month that Youngevity (Ygy) had already acquired 7 companies this calendar year.  Yesterday it was announced that yet another company has been added.  Mialisia, another jewelry company, will soon be part of my store!
     I've been doing some financial research on Ygy, and it is growing like WILDFIRE. Last year it had a growth of 48% , while many others had negative growth.  The reports I read stated that it grew from $86 Million to $134 Million last year alone!
     So... that is yet another reason why I am 'investing' in my family, expanding my business with "Anthology by Lisa Bearnson".  I originally signed up as a distributor because I LOVE what Lisa has done in the past, and I TRUST her judgement.  During her May 2nd business gathering, (link listed below) she stated that she had been approached by SEVERAL companies over the years, asking her to put her name on a product, but they never 'felt right'..... until she met with the people from Youngevity, listened to their philosophy, and realized that she could help her own family and friends reach health and financial goals through this business relationship.
   Here are a few links that I have been researching and wanted to share with my family and friends, to help them realize the OPPORTUNITIES available for us as distributors of Youngevity, Anthology and so many other brands and products.  
             This is a (non-professional) version of the business opportunity presentation that Lisa and others presented on NSD (National Scrapbooking Day), May 2nd.  The first few minutes are vital, as she shares WHY she finally put her name on a product.  Then, if you choose, you can skip to approximately 1 hour 10 minutes, where JERRY (Millionaire business man) who now not only takes the 90ForLife supplements that I take but, along with his wife, has had amazing results.  He is now also a distributor and INVESTOR in the company.  After researching the company, he says it's a 'SURE THING'.  
      If Youngevity is good enough for Lisa Bearnson AND a millionaire business man, it's good enough for me!  And I KNOW that the products are already helping me with less daily pain.
     PLEASE, family and friends, seriously look into this and contact me so I can help YOU succeed and be healthier as well.
                 Dale Rose Stream   231-845-2906

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