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Sunday, December 14, 2014

"Oh, Christmas Tree" mini album displays both physical and intellectual growth...

I was quite pregnant over Christmas 2003, as Wesley was due in the middle of January.
Wesley's milestones were linked to holidays!  He rolled over on Mother's Day, walking on his own CHRISTMAS EVE! Christmas 2005 was extra special, since it was our first Christmas in our new home & with a HUGE tree.

I began rotating what colors &/or themes I decorated in each year, while Thomas the Train was Wesley's obsession from the ages of 3 to 9 years old.

He is no longer looking like a little boy.... and he is also helping more each year.

Look how tall he is now!  His facial expressions are also evolving.

I cannot believe how tall he is getting.  Facial expressions as well as total body language have continued to grow into those of an adolescent, quickly approaching the 'tween' age years.  Uh-oh.  New attitudes are also appearing.  He finally departed years of Thomas, now infatuated with Star Wars series, both old and new.
  I cannot wait to take the annual photos in front of our tree this Christmas, with decorations of red and silver.  I already have several scrapbook supplies chosen for this year's pages.

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