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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Some of my favorite photos from this year's Christmas at home...

My Red & Silver tree... I can't believe I only used 2 colors this year!

May the smiles begin... hopefully!

Wesley has been asking for a double ended light saber for several months and apparently Santa was paying attention.  Santa also knew of his increased obsession with drawing this past year, frequently done in the evening in his lofted bed, so he brought him 2 sketch tablets, along with nice pencils and artist's erasers.

Squirrel has been sitting on top of this Cub Scout popcorn box whenever it was out in the open...she found it AGAIN.  She wouldn't get down off the top, even while Michael & Wesley were unwrapping it.

What did that large box contain?  Snowshoes for Michael and Wesley.  Running out of money, my guys' gifts came first.  I will have to go to Dunham's and find some for myself.

Wesley's first girly-poster lol, a Star Wars calendar that I suggested he use as posters in his Star Wars themed room.
My guys gave me jewelry.  An amethyst bracelet from Michael and "MOM" necklace with coordinated earrings from Wesley.  MCC moms set up a shopping day for the kids in the Upper Elementary again this year.

OK... I think he likes it!  He's been asking for a Surface Pro 3 each time the commercial came on.  I found an RCA version that we could afford.  Ever increasing school projects no longer need to be done utilizing my laptop or the slow family pc for some of the work.  Now he can also play another version of Minecraft on it rather than on my laptop.

Wesley's tablet was in a red glittered box, so guess what was in Michael's silver glitter box....

Knowing my obsession with decorating for Christmas, Wesley gave me this gorgeous 3D silver and gemmed snowflake.
Bacon flavored treat, Denta bone, and rawhide bone... Dakota is a happy girl!  My what big feet you have!

Some of the aftermath.  Apparently they're both happy with them because whenever I walked into the living room over the next few days, they were looking down into their tablets.  Dakota is resting after snacking on a bacon treat, dental treat and chewing on her rawhide bone that she received from Annie, canine companion of niece Kendra.

Another ugly shirt from Michael's stocking.... we let him open the first one last night, hence the horrid combination of clothing today lol.

The two big items on my wishlist were a treadmill (because Dakota and I missed a lot of walking the past 2 winters due to thick layers of snow with multiple layers of ice between them.) & railings for my studio stairwell.  I recieved ONE piece of my rails today lol.  Now I'll soon be able to have my SCRAPPY girl friends over for crafting days. I haven't had any of my local crafting friends over because of fear of them falling off the stairs.  We carry BIG bags of crafting supplies!

I scored!  I also received a treadmill!  Now Squirrel is 'supervising' its construction.

Really, mom????  Some assembly required.  TWO people at times lol  Have you noticed the HUGE TV hanging on our wall with all the wires dangling beneath it?  Wesley & I found this 'special purchase' at Wal-Mart on the evening of Black Friday.  We've been watching HD movies every since.  AVATAR is even MORE amazing on a true HD tv!

Supervising again.... if there is ANYTHING sitting on top of a countertop, the island, the furniture, or the floor, she finds it and decides she needs to sit there.  Of course, they always think we need their help with projects as well.

I finally get to try it out myself... ok, how do you start this thing? Get out the instructions!

I can't believe that we sent Wesley to bed last night without our traditional egg nog toast on Christmas Eve.  We'll make up for it now, ugly shirt and all.

My Christmas table. Dinner consisted of Lobster tails & shrimp for Wesley & I, and rather than a steak as I suggested for Michael, he made himself Lasagna! Do you think he made enough???  Completed with our traditional drinks of egg nog and alcohol-free St. Julian's wine.

MERRY CHRISTMAS... everyone!


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