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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's a Cub Scout Christmas!

     Wesley became a Cub Scout this year, which meant weekly meetings 3 times per month, including a 'pack' meeting. 

      During the 'Pack' meeting in December, not only did Wesley receive FOUR, yes four, badges but we also took part in several Christmas oriented projects.  They made their own bird feeders, but they also made two ornaments as well as decorated sugar cookies!

     When I had to stop sneaking around with my camera in order to help scouts complete the ornament project I brought, Michael was able to get some great action shots that I would have otherwise missed.
     I can't believe that most of them managed to complete all their projects in the time left following the badge ceremony.
     Using my Cricut and (Christmas) Noel cartridge, I was able to cut out the layers necessary for them to make their own Santa Claus, and I brought pipe cleaners for them to use as hangers.  I also suggested that if they wanted, they could use fishing line as hangers when they got home.  I LOVE using fishing line to hang our snowflakes, angels, etc. from our ceiling as part of our Christmas decorating at home.
     Guess who seems to be in a goofy-face response mode this year???  Unfortunately, he also did this several times on Christmas day.  Oh well, I think they all had fun and I heard the cookies were good too!

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