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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas with a lot of 5th graders!

     I was able to attend another one of Wesley's school Christmas parties.   When I arrived all the 5th graders were still in various rooms watching several movies:  Beethoven's Christmas, Ice Age, Annie, & another which he cannot remember.  Each of the four class rooms hosted a different movie, with the students being allowed to go to another class room if necessary, to watch the movie of their choice.  Mr. Lundberg was playing Beethoven's Christmas, and there was enough time for him to play some of the movie's extra scenes, including bloopers.
     This year, they were allowed to bring an exchange gift, which had not been allowed in younger classes.  With a limit of $5, I thought it would be difficult to find a gift that Wesley wouldn't mind receiving himself, but leave it to he and Michael.... they found an air driven vehicle that scoots across the table or floor!  It was a hit!  When his science teacher came into the room to hand out some projects, she gave him a high five for giving a science-oriented toy.  I told her I was trying to turn him into my little scientist, and Michael often finds science oriented toys or projects for him.

     A good time was had by all, including a great choice of Christmas-oriented snacks, which included some delicious orange slices, of which I went back for 3 more!  One of Wesley's classmates was dishing out her Grandma's 'famous' cheesecake.  He told the 4 parents who attended that they HAD to try it.  I splurged and had a small slice along with my orange slices, and it WAS delicious.  I couldn't talk Wesley into trying either of those items, but he still had a LOT of foods to choose from.

After arriving at the party I realized that I forgot to cut Wesley's hair for Christmas.... oops!  We managed to get it done soon after though.


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