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Thursday, January 29, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.... again. Squirrel's "Seal/t of Approval" layout.

     Yes, I know that it's a typical cat thing, but Squirrel has been EXTRA cat-like lately.  Not only did she sit on a clean plate that sat at the table before a meal, like she did last year by sitting on the plate that I had in Leon's spot before the Gleason Christmas we hosted, but she has been nearly EVERYWHERE she could possibly be in relation to a current project we were working on this Christmas season!  She even sat on top of the box which contained Michael and Wesley's snow shoes I gave them this year, not even moving while they were unwrapping it (see photo in the upper left hand corner of the page)!  They had to physically move her, as our requests went unanswered each time we asked her to move.  Table settings, freshly washed and ironed table cloths & gift wrapping paper are just a few of the other items she decided to 'bless' with her presence.

     I fell behind on my usual Christmas decorating schedule, and after living with the decorations as they were for a couple of weeks, I finally found more of the large ornaments on sale, along with a spray sealer that I wanted to add in order to extend their finish.  Christmas Eve found Wesley helping me complete the task by holding them for me as I applied the finish outdoors (to save our lungs and nostrils), but it didn't always completely solve the problem (see upper left photo on the right hand page lol).
    BTW, the Mr. Huey's 'Shine' spray mist that I used STILL has not dried, despite repeat attempts to speed the process with my heat gun and laying it out to dry for weeks now.  I posted a question about it on's forums, as well as sent a note to the manufacturer's website.  No one else who responded had the same problem for an extended amount of time, and the manufacturer asked if I had mixed the medium (yes) and then suggested that I contact another part of their company's website if I was still unsuccessful.  DEFINATELY. 
     I have a LOT of other photos I would like to scrap to commemorate this Christmas, so be prepared for more red, silver & blingy projects.

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