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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Brill Christmas Dinner 2014

     Michael and I were able to attend the Brill Christmas Dinner again this year.  I was sick last year and didn't remember that they had changed venues.  We went to James Port Brewery (Restaurant) and had a wonderful meal.

     Michael had a Bourbon steak, while I had the Lake Perch dinner.  Delicious!  Michael tried a different cider flavored beer, which was not what he was expecting.  I enjoyed a chocolate mouse cake with cherries....yum!
     I met a new friend, who also suffers from chronic pain, so we had a lengthy discussion separate from the dinner table, and I plan to invite her and her husband over sometime soon.  On our way home, Michael said that he had told her husband he expected we would be spending New Year's Eve together lol.

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