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Thursday, January 1, 2015

DT fail, but I'll probably keep trying

    I recently submitted my 2nd Design Team (DT) application projects, but did not receive the message or phone call that I had hoped for.  I may have taken this as a sign that this is not meant to be part of my path, but I have heard others discussing design teams on podcasts or their blogs, having had to apply several times before being accepted by any company.  This also holds true for having their work printed in our dearly missed scrapbook magazines.
After we hosted Gleason Christmas in our new home, 2005, 23 month old Wesley decided to have another taste of alcohol-free wine, St. Julian's, which we love!  I caught him in the act, even getting one photo before he realized that he had been caught in the act.
I do NOT claim to be a card maker, but again, I included a card project.

      The link to the entire "Oh Christmas Tree" mini album that I created recently:

    We were required to submit 3 projects, preferably showing variety.  I had completed all three of these projects 2 weeks before the due date, but was still contemplating the submission of a Christmas display that I wanted to create to sit on top of my zero-clearance pellet stove which we installed in my studio this past spring.  I wanted something mounted onto a sheet of plywood or white board, so that I can lift the entire display in one easy step, since I have to load the pellets by lifting the lid on TOP of the fireplace.  I never decided on a design, so I broke down and submitted the above projects on the final day of submission.  I'm sure that my error of trying to send high-quality (large) files was not in my favor either.  After sending in a message stating that I would be sending in my submissions in two messages, Chasity was kind enough to agree that I needed to downsize my files.  Thanks AGAIN to my favorite little birdy!
    I will continue to 'play', creating scrapbook pages or other projects at my own pace and free will, but will keep in mind the possibility of reapplying, continuing to both admire and sometimes drool in envy of the talents in others, ever hoping that I would some day create something nearly as beautiful or painstakingly detailed.
     This, the first day of our new year, 2015, marks a few altered plans or anticipations, but I will try to 'go with the flow', hoping to grow and evolve my interests, and possibly my skills, in many ways. 
     I will, once again, choose "Better" as my 'word of the year', & pray that I can continue to learn something new or do a good deed each and every day.


  1. Your projects are beautiful! I especially love the first one- it's gorgeous and so creative! Try not to take the rejection personally. I cannot even count the number of times I have been rejected which led to me doubting myself. It's hard to want something so badly and not get it, but one thing that is more important is to remember why you scrap. If it's like me, it's for myself and at the end of the day that is always what is the most important thing. Hang in there. Keep trying new things. Strive to be improve yourself- for you. Start applying to some of the various calls- there are a lot of them and there are several that your style will be perfect for. Keep your chin up. Your work is wonderful!

  2. Love the use of the plate. Gives me ideas for my kitchen!


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